Student Recruitment Brochure - Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization

The flagship piece of a rebranding of PSU's Capstone Semester in Nanotechnology offered through the university's College of Engineering.

Website - LaSalle University Abstinence Education

Concept, content strategy and copy for LaSalle University School of Nursing and Health Sciences/LaSalle Neighborhood Nursing Center's youth abstinence education web site.

Scroll down to bottom of page to view/download complete samples.

Ad Campaign -

Five single-sex schools in the Philadelphia area joined forces to create awareness of the advantages of teaching boys and girls separately -- because they learn differently. I developed the concepts, content and tagline for these ads to drive parents of pre-kindergarten kids to the website for more information. The ads ran in Philadelphia daily and weekly newspapers.

Web Content - Peterson's Online

Since early 2010, I have been an ongoing contributor to the nation's leading online provider of educational content. I have written dozens of comprehensive narrative descriptions of undergraduate, graduate, professional and vocational programs, private schools, online schools and military service academies. Below are links to three descriptions I wrote.