Website - McNeill Viactiv and Benecol

Working with art directors from McNeill's interactive agency, I developed launch concepts and all content for the original Viactiv consumer website. I also developed, named and wrote its companion e-newsletter, V-Spirit.

For their Benecol spread, I developed and wrote all content for the brand's next-generation website and their monthly e-newsletter, Benecol Heartbeat. With the exception of time-sensitive offers the original content on both sites remains.

Concepts for Kidney Cancer Drug - Brochure Cover & Landing Page

Created concepts for a multi-channel campaign promoting Afinitor, a drug that provides continuous therapy for patients in the final stages of kidney disease.

Scroll down to bottom of page to view/download complete samples.

Billboard and Print Ads - Temple University Hospital

I created these billboard and print concepts for Temple's Bariatric Surgery program.

Internal Trade Show Booth Panels - Aventis Metabolism Group

Created concept, copy and tagline for a series of panels demonstrating for internal teams the capabilities of a new data center available to employees of the client's Metabolism Group.