Membership Brochure - WHYY-TV

I helped develop the concept for this Capabilities/Awareness/Fundraising brochure for Philadelphia/Wilmington public television station and wrote all copy. Also, I developed concept and copy for a series of public awareness and programming ads and a TV spot.

Direct Mail Postcards - UBI

A series targeting advertisers, promoting the benefits of placing their messages on airport shuttle buses.

Scroll down to bottom of page to view/download complete samples.

F.I.N.D Builder Program  - Comcast

I developed concepts and content for a variety of materials for Comcast's First in New Development program that promoted marketing partnerships between Comcast and residential builders.
All of these materials and additional consumer pieces I wrote for the program are available as marketing tools for field representatives to download from the Comcast intranet. Included there also is a three module animated, narrated  "Groundbreaking Partners" Flash presentation I wrote and co-produced for builder audiences, which describes the client's commitment to the builders' homebuyers; their customer service platform and an overview of Comcast's fiber optic technology. The file is too large to upload here.

Sales Connection Newsletter - Comcast

A quarterly newsletter I developed and wrote for Comcast's Strategic Sales Alliance Division, also creating their tagline, "Wired for New Opportunities."