Non-Profit/Public Sector

Rebranding - Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

ERD is the official relief and development organization of the U.S. Episcopal Church. During 2007-2008, I developed concepts and all content for a full-scale rebranding initiative that included print ads, their 2007 Gifts for Life Holiday Catalog and a new website.

Brochure Recap of Mayor's Economic Achievements - City of Philadelphia Dept. of Commerce

I worked with Mayor John Street's staff to create a brochure recap of his administration's economic accomplishments to accompany his last address as mayor to the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in 2007.

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Print Campaign - The Newark Museum

Create a compelling reason for audiences to pay to see an exhibit of their own snapshots. I developed these concepts for a series of print ads that appeared in daily and weekly newspapers and culturally-oriented publications in the New York metropolitan area.

The headlines were also used as transit boards at Amtrak stops in the northeast corridor, as well as museum signage.